E-cigarette users might have bought a vape pen that does not deliver what they desired. This should not be the end of enjoying your safe cigarette. It is easy to get good deals on custom vaporizers. Some of the sources to consider include:

Online e-cig shops

Online shops are ideal sources as they offer various types of vape pens. The wide variety enables vapers to acquire vape pens that suit their needs. The features to observe include the vape tank sizes, battery power, charging time, the size of the whole set and the output valve.

In case you fail to get a vape pen that suits you, use communication platforms and place an order from the store operators. Once they get in touch, ensure your specifications are well communicated. After analyzing the specifications, they will advise whether it is possible to customize the vape pens. Do not forget to seek clarity about the price and the time it will take to deliver.

The other option is visiting online stores that sell separate parts. However, you have the duty to assemble the parts. The merit of this option is that you get all the specifications you require. While purchasing the different parts, be keen so that you only order the parts that will serve you best. You also enjoy the fact that you can change the parts as soon as they fail to be functional.

The prices of the customized devices tend to be a bit expensive. This is because the devices cost more money to develop. Again, the idea of delivery the vape pens in pieces increases the purchase rate.

Ready made products

Demand from consumers can force a company to manufacture customized vape pens, especially if the specifications are similar. That is why you should consider going through various categories of the customized packs. You will benefit financially from this option compared to seeking the manufacture of vape pens with your own specifications.

Worry not about the assembling process. The vape pens come with manuals, instructing you on how to assemble. You are also advised on the things that can destroy the vape pens. Go for stores that offer warranties for the pens. You get a waiver for your next product, in case the previous one had an error. Companies that offer warranties are confident about the vaper pens they produce. Be warned against companies that are hesitating about offering warranties. Note that cash refunds are not applicable in most cases.

Physical shops

Physical shops are also reliable sources for vape pens. The benefit about these shops is the fact that you get the pens instantly while with online shopping, you may have to wait for some time. Another merit is that any problems that arise with the vape pens can be addressed immediately. On the other hand, these shops tend to be more expensive compared to making online purchases.

Coupon codes

Coupon codes are an ideal means of saving. Most websites state the products that have the offers. You are also offered guidelines on how to redeem the coupons.

Wholesale opportunities

Buying goods at wholesale prices is always cheap. One trick of qualifying for wholesale prices is teaming up as vapers to make one purchase. Once the delivery is done, you can agree on the mode of distribution for each vaper to acquire his order.

Custom mods might go extinct

Most vapers must have the knowledge of the cig-a-like e-cigarettes. They are sold in gas stations and look like cigarettes. They are sealed and disposable as well. With the new FDA regulations, the sale of separate parts will be discouraged. This is because the FDA has to get proof of safety, from the customized versions. This strategy is aimed at securing the health of vapers. However, the step will make it a difficult process for the manufacturers. As a result, the vaping products might become more costly.


Getting deals on custom vaporizers will ensure your smoking needs are well met without straining your pocket. Study the vape pen dealer websites as they offer discounts at times. You must have first-hand information of the products that have discounts. Taking advantage of such opportunities can help you smoke safely without spending much.

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